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Product Name:Black timer box
Product Code:
Product description:

The Black timer box is the similar unitas white timer box. The different only in box size.
Metal coin operated black timer box.
Spec :
* W25 x D16 x H31cm
* single coin input ( option multi coin slot )
* Adjustable (dip swtich) start up timer from 1 to 99minute.
* Max.countdown 999 minute.
* 2 Round lock (out door , cash box)
* One pilot light (blinking during last minute countdown)
* Buzzle sound (during last minute)
* Can be mounted on wall or on table
* 2 relay switchs
* 3 digits display

* coin input (single or multi type)
* Display show the coin in value
* When coin in reach the amount needed. It start countdown.
* Power on (2 reply switch ON/OFF)
* Display turn from value to time countdown
* If coin input before timer reach zero. The unuse time will add up.
* When it reach the last minute, buzzle will sound and pilot light blink until timer reach zero.
* Power cut off (2 relay switch OFF/ON)

-Black timer box