Product Name:Soft dart coin operated machine
Product Code:D1 D2
Product description:

D1 : Product Description

Detailed Product Description
Soft darts
Fireproof material
Easy to transport
Computerized scoring system

D1 Electronic Dart Machine
The cabinet is made of luxury fireproof material which can withstand high temperature as well as damp and corrosion. And its fold-in-half design makes the machine easy to set up, break down and transport. The molded plastic target is hardly deformed. The built-in computerized automatic scoring can record 1-4 players' scores respectively. Simple to use and easy to manage.

Size: HxWxD 220cmX60cmX40cm
Weight: 80kg
Player: Max-4P
Power: 40W
Coin-op: Yes


Soft-Darts (made of plastics) with high safety
Built-In Computerized 1-4 Player Automatic Scoring allows anyone to play instantly
8 International Game modes
Sound Effects  

D2 : Product Description

Dart machine (networking) manufacture

1. LCD screen
2. Ability to networking
3. Online multi-play mode
4. Soft darts

Main function
1. With an LCD TV installed at the top you can experience new way of playing darts and can also be connected to the internet and enjoy multi-play mode online
2. Uses safely soft darts
3. For efficient media four forms of advertising are integrated inside
4. This new technology can quickly bring people together

1. Maximum power 50W
2. Input voltage AC220
3. Frequency 50Hz
4. Outside diameter (cm) 124*78*60
5. Net weight 130kg
6. Accessory 6 darts, 100 darts head

1. Players can choose from a variety of built in games and can also enjoy online multiplayer
2. Built in rules of the game
3. Can play up to 4 players in multiplayer mode
4. Can be used for advertising purpose in standby mode
5. Powerful system with the ability to hold a darts competition, pleasure, live television, advertisement and others 


D1 D2-Soft dart coin operated machine
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