Penny Press Machine (note operated)


Product Name:G2 Penny press machine
Product Code:G2PP
Price: 20,000.00
Product description:

Key features include:

  • 2 sided pressing available as an option
  • Hand-cranked: the interactivity of cranking your own souvenir adds a ‘fun factor’ for users and they prefer it to automatic style machines
  • Attractive, inviting design ensures maximum attention and maximum usage
  • Four customized coin designs for your location: more designs = more purchases!
  • Electronic model receive Malaysia notes which consume only  10~50Watt .
  • Option to brand your machine with full custom signage
  • The die rolls and shafts are all hardened steel
  • Attacking changing color lights

G2PP-G2 Penny press machine
Price: 20,000.00
Weight: 35kg
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